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February 06, 2007



Thank you for this. I've sent it to a few people. Outsider music at it's finest.

David Miscavidge

Relentless, repetitious, slightly distasteful... This is my new favorite song!


"Painful" IS the word, though I shudder to think of all the 4-track demo tapes from my OWN past that could be circulating out there. If they still exist, I'm sure they'll turn up here.

Brian Nash

You assumption was correct. This is not the guy who was formerley in FGTH. I know because that is me and this recording is nothing to do with me.


Holy Mother of God! Finally got around to listening to this one-now I can't stop singing it! Personally, I was disappointed the FGTH guy didn't take the credit for it.


I love this song!!! Brian Nash of FGTH should cover it--


I did a very poorly filmed piece on Brian, he did indeed used to work for the IRS. you can see it half way down this old blog of mine


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