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February 07, 2007


Webster Hubble Telescope

I listened to Old Days. Invigorating, but it sounded sped up like they had to record it before the bell rang for the next class.

Bluegreen Anemone

" There are multiple albums floating around, all with the cover art printed on a separate sheet of paper and pasted onto the sleeve."

That must've been a pretty common strategy for "indie", "limited run", or "cheap-ass" records at the time. My dad's band's LP's (mid to late '70's) came in bulk as "white labels"; he had a local printing company that specialized in promotional flyers and bills (this was small town West Virginia)print up the covers with adhesive on the back and the whole band, all the wives, girlfriends, and kids would get together, drink, and glue the artwork to the sleeves. The printing company couldn't print on paper of the proper size for an LP cover, so the artwork was kinda like a raised, two-color rectangular image centered on the white sleeve... a little odd looking, but it got the job done and we sold tons of 'em.

Good times. Those albums (and earlier 45's) probably fall just shy of qualification for 365 Days themselves!



I wanted to add, for school band fans who liked Dondero High School's "Fox On the Run" and "Sunshine of Your Love" from the first 365 Days project (January 4 on this page) and didn't know this already: you can download several CDs' worth of their Concerts here.


check out ps22 school, doing river man by nick drake on youtube. wow.


I am glad to say that I was part of this prestigious group from 1976-1979. I played the viola and as a groups we experienced the love for music and representing our Valley Vikings through our performances. If only we could take time back. Thanks for posting this unforgettable time in my life. Lilliam Valentin

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