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February 12, 2007


Kip W

Anybody out there have a 7" LP promoting the Titano "Sounds Great" accordion? Side B (or maybe it's Side A -- it's been so long) is a solo called "Twenty Fingers" Bossa Nova, and I've been jonesing to hear it for years. I search the web. I'm pathetic. Help me, WFMU!

Michael Downes

I want a Conn organ.

John Tabacco

The Conn Prelude Strummer and the record that came along with it is from the early 70's. My family bought a brand new one right around 1973.

Matt Baxley

I have a variation of the same Conn Prelude record, except the narrator has to say....'crisper' voice, and the fantastic musical numbers are different. The opening one sounds the same, however. Mine is a demo for the Prelude Strummer, and includes the OEM Leslie, the Stage III reverb, the 'Sassy Brass', VFM, and other wonderful features. "Play now, learn later..."

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