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February 15, 2007



Hi, this is hilarious and great - thanks for sharing!
You say that these 2 songs are taken from The Wild Ones LP, but below it says that they're taken from the Goddard High School Stage Band LP.
Which is it?

And do you have any more details on the Wild Ones LP - cover, label, catalogue number etc.?


Jonathan Ward

I probably didn't explain that well, sorry. The Goddard High School Stage Band ARE "The Wild Ones." They recorded a few songs as "The Wild Ones" on the Goddard High LP from 1969. Their next record was in 1970 and titled "The Goddard High School Stage Band Goes Underground." I have the latter - "The Wild Ones" was recorded for me. Both records are on Century.


I was in an all-county chorus in high school in the 80s and our big concert was recorded for LP, which I insisted my parents order (it was like $20, fill out a card at a table set up in the lobby). When it finally arrived I was underwhelmed and filed it in the back of the stack; I think it was eventually damaged in a flood. I do remember the guy who recorded it though. He had a big old 2-track reel-to-reel (this was like '86) and maybe two mics. Maybe it's the same guy who recorded "The Handless Organist"


Wasn't it Century who first released Edwin Hawkins's "Oh Happy Day"?


i don't have my copy of the cd handy right now, but i'm pretty sure dj shadow used that iron butterfly cut on his schoolhouse funk 2: raw business compilation that came out on cali-tex a few years ago.

Spence Cates

Steve Tays played drums for the goddard stage band and I think Bobby Blair played base and David Smith played lead guitar. I can't remember who sang but they changed singers after graduation and went by the name of pleasant valley boys. After deciding that was too tame they changed their name to Lucifer.

Ralph DePauw

Gary England was the lead singer, Syndey Felton was on keyboards
Ralph DePauw and Roderick Domingez were playing trumpet; got a list around somewhere

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