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February 17, 2007



any chance of posting the a side?


great stuff! thanks!! a few months ago Harper's mag had an excerpt from the vatican release regarding god not caring ''how many eyes and or tentacles a being may possess......'' [must see]. so it seems they're all good. from the hands of Leo Muller into the hands of our lord. with the pope's blessing. blessing is also the name of a company that makes trumpets. coincidence or conspiracy? hmmmmm.

Tom Miller


I did consider submittig the A side as well as Clap Your Tentacles. In the end I thought the JB cover was most worthy of the 365.

I'll record the story in, mp3 it and post a download link as soon as I can.




This is awesome.

There is a small group of us doing 365 music projects too. I've added you onto our list. Check it out over at


My God, this is one of the most insane things you guys have posted in some time. The music is good, but you can barely hear it over all those damn squeaks! It feels like I'm part of some brainwashing experiment and the squeaks are supposed to mess up my head. Gahh.


thnaks t . i look forward to hearing the A side. will you post it here in the comments?

Tom Miller

Larry, yes I will do. I am off to Bulgaria for some snowboarding until next weekend, but will get into it when I get back. Klaxons at the ready!

Santo DiPiazza

I have this record as well as Bobby and Betty go to the moon. This is a wild one!!


wow i look forawrd to heraing this b side

Agustin Maes

I had this record as a little boy--it was my favorite. I'd love to acquire a copy on CD. Do you know where I could get one?


Tom Miller


Finding a copy on CD might be tough. Once I've recorded the A Side in and posted it on here, you'll almost have the lot – well, the listenable stuff anyway! :0)



still eager to here the a side mate... looking forward to it

Paul Henry

Keep checking back to hear the A side.
Its not going to happen is it?

Pauline Greenfield


I cant believe this album is on here! My dad used to play this to me and my brother when we were young its brough back some lovely memories! Please put more tracks on.


Jeff B

My brother and I used to listen to this album repeatedly on our plastic Snoopy portable record player! No wonder we later smoked pot...


I am so desperate to get hold of this record as I must have driven my family mad playing the A side story over and over again. Love the bit when they fall down the hole!!!


I hear ya! Me and my brothers used to listen to this all the time! Unfortunately we also used to play Kung-Fu and many a album suffered the shuriken toss. Of the 20 albums they had pictured on the back (different from your back cover) we also had •Bobby and Betty go to the moon, •Hear and Tell, •Rag Doll's Adventures in Animal Land, •Fun On A Rainy Day (Another one I REALLY want to find) and •Mother Goose Storybook.

I've recently found Bobby and betty go to the moon and plan to have it converted soon. Don't have a record player, but a friend of mine just bought one of those USB record players. I would really love it if I could get MP3s of Happy Monsters. If interested I'll send you the MP3s of Bobby and Betty, hell, I'll send you the physical album once I'm done, I don't have any great yearning to have the actual album. I'm an electronic junkie (converted all my CDs and either sold them or gave them away at work) as long as I've got the MP3, I'm good.


Hi there. Has anyone made an mp3 of this and posted it anywhere. I had this record as a child but it was given to me without a cover. I no longer have it and would love to hear it again. I don't remember the story, just that it had a lot of really weird sound effects in it. As a child it scared and confused me, but I was fascinated with it, especially since it didn't have a cover and I had no reference for who or what it was. If anyone has an mp3 of this album, or at least the story on side A, I would be so happy. Thank you. :)


i have this on vinyl original, played to death as a kid


i have this album its in very good condition, it was my sons dad, and he passed it on to him. what would it be worth now if i sold it ? .


>what would it be worth now if i sold it ?
Pretty much nothing, available for 8GBP here
So if you have a turntable do us all a favour record it, stick it on soundcloud and link us up!


I need to hear this again! This was the first LP me and my brother owned, please please please put up some more ;-)

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