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February 18, 2007


Lisa (lolololo)

I agree with you, although I'd also like to add track #3, as it holds some promise too.


I think your guy is/was Frank Andriello. Try Frank G. Andriello of Liverpoool, NY. 1-315-457-5590. (Might be him, might be his son.)
With harmonica group called The Polka Dots in the 40's and 50's. Later arranger, TV and movies, commercial jingles, effects. Worked w/Rod Temperton ("Thriller") and others on effects. There's a scholarship in his name at Greenwich House School of Music in Manhattan. Might mean he's deceased...
Hope this is of help/amusement. Thanks so much for the fun you bring me on a regular basis. - Peter


If you enjoy Mr Andriellos treatment of Limehouse Blues you are sure to enjoy these guys too:

And thanks, I love the 365 days project.



Years of buying this stuff and you FINALLY post a record I have laying around the house.

Hear It Wow

My copy of iTunes again scrambled the run order on an album, so I wound up with "The World's Greatest Music" as the last track. Played that way, it seems to offer a reason for the album to exist. Try it.

Angela Monti Fox

Hi, I just googled Tabby Andriello for kicks and found your web site; Tabby Andriello is Frank Andriello, my uncle. He was not of Liverpool New York as stated in the note above, and he is deceased, was never married nor did he have any children. He died October 3, 1988, the fifth of seven children born to a Calabrian tailor on April 9, 1920 , immigrated to the US at a very early age and grew up on the East Side. At age 15 he won a Major Bowes Amateur Hour playing the harmonica, later touring with the Bowes third Anniversary Unit. Among other things he made his living as a sound effects man, first in a large studio at 6 West 57th Street and later at 19 West 34 Street in Manhattan. He won an impressive number of Clios and Andys for his work on many prominent TV and Radio commercials, as well as record albums for the likes of Peter Paul and Mary, Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones and the soundtrack for Jim Henson's award-winning surreal short Time Piece. The scholarship named after him at the Greenwich House Music School was his way of saying thanks; it was there that the GI Bill enabled him to complete a four-year course of study in music theory and composition. Beside his music, his incredible talent and great personality he may be best remembered for his unmanning resemblance to Fiorello LaGuardia when he was cast as the Major of Kovettes in full-page ads for the department store. I'm so glad you found this album, and I wish I had a copy of it.
Thanks for finding his music, appreciating it and making it available for others to enjoy.
Angela Monti Fox (My mother was his sister)
[email protected]


Mastering and Transfers: Tabby Andriello!!!!!

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