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February 25, 2007



Gypsy Boots, was one of California's original Hippies, long before the word was coined. Pals with Eden Ahbez, etc.


Many have claimed to be "California's first Hippie" (Fritz Perls and Will Geer come to mind) but I only remember Gypsy Boots as a fairly normal but hairy guy who appeared on local and national talk shows hawking his herbal remedies and granola-- years before Euell Gibbons made granola popular

I belive Gypsy Boots lived in Topanga Canyon near Los Angeles

Did he record other albums?
This is good stuff


This gentleman lived in my hometown of Ojai while I was growing up. I just know him as the guy that my friend's Mom called a deadbeat, he is some kind of important guy? I haven't seen him in a few years.


H O R R I B L E - sidewalk missed the mark with this one. Why not give a teen band rich on the strip a chance instead?
yeah he had a great message but not meant for this format. Yuck.

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