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February 26, 2007


strictly kev

i have a record like this except I think it's about the heartbeats of dogs!

joe nathan

case 12 is TIGHT!!


there's also "auscultation of the heart", J.S Barlow & W. A. Pocock, London ffrr 5873 W (mono)

i found my copy thrifting about 25 years ago; it is undated but cites a series of references the latest of which was published 1961; if you want to see the cover, i noticed there's a copy on ebay right now (no affiliation)

strictly kev

actually that might be the one garbanzito, I remember Kieran from four tet telling me about the dogs one and was sure he gave me a copy because he thought it 'would be something you'd like' :) I also have a nice 7" of hearbeats with a stethoscope in the shape of a loveheart on the cover.anyway, waffle waffle waffle...

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