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February 27, 2007



you're right, it's a nice song, certainly not easy to find

Andy Roche

Nice Track! I suppose I should be posting about the song, but as a native Dubuquer my interest naturally goes to that topic: Dubuque. What thrift store was it? Are you from Dubuque? I have to say the only excellent finds I've ever had at a thrift store in Dubuque were 1> Maggottron "Bass Invaders" from the Blind Society shop and 2> Many copies of lps by my father's group "The Hemlock Singers" from various shops. If you're interested in responding, I'd love to hear answers to the first two questions and any other excellent Dubuque finds/music trivia/sweet weirdness. Also if you're interested I kinda specialize in Dubuque-centric Psychedelic film production. Finally, check out my Dubuque originated psych band "Black Vatican".

Chance McClain

How abstract to see that name. I am the APD of a sports radio stationin Houston, TX and have listened to every post from the 2004 project and just today discovered the 2007 rebirth. I love how weird most of the stuff is. Then I see the name 'Vic Dana' on my screen. I was born in 72 and remember gong to cheesy bars with my mom and dad to watch a lousy band when I was like 7-10. Dad would give me a bunch of quarters to go knock out a video game for the length of the torture. I'd drink Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples while all of the hipsters "rocked out". My dad was apparently buddies with Vic. I am glad this song ended up on this obsure site.

Greg Williams

Andy: I'm not a native of Dubuque, but I lived there for about 8 years in the late '70s and early '80s. I found the singles and painting in a thrift shop that used to be downtown, across the street and down the block from the Chinese restaurant Yen Ching. (I'm pretty sure the restaurant's still there, but I doubt the thrift shop is.) The only other Dubuque-related music that I've discovered online are some odd cuts from a defunct band called "The Vers" (or "The ... Vers"). I don't think they were based in Dubuque, but they played at a place called Junnie's pretty often when I lived there. I'm only aware of one song of theirs that was released officially, on a "Studio 93 Basement Tapes" album from Z-93 - and the lead singer, Mondo, apparently died a few years back. But one of his bandmates is selling CDs of some rare live recordings. (Worthy of another "365 Days" entry, I wonder?)

Scott Mercer

I have a bunch of Vic Dana LPs, he released many. He is probably my second favorite crooner that straddled the line between standards and current (of the time) lite pop/rock, right after Bobby Darin. Splitting the difference between Sinatra and the Everly Brothers. I enjoyed his version of "End of the World."


Vic Dana was popular in the Pacific Northwest in the early Sixties. The song "Hello Roomate" was the back side of the song "Little Altar Boy"--on the old 33 1/3 vinyl records. These were the smallish records with the big hole in the middle.
The 'back to back' recording of "Little Altar Boy" and "Hello Roomate" by Vic Dana were hits around Christmas 1960 or '61.
As a young teenager in these years,I remember it all very well. "Little Altar Boy" was very stirring for the times, and "Hello Roomate" struck home to quite a few people.

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