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February 01, 2007



I can only reply with another video. David Lynch and a cow.


David Lynch? Slooooowly I turned. Gee big shocker he finds common ground with people who refer to a human being leaping to certain death instead of being roasted alive by burning jet fuel an "object." The voyeurism is just obscene. I remember people in my building about 3-4 blocks away watching the first tower burn as though it were the 4th of July fireworks. I took one look and knew that everyone above the flames was dead dying or suffering unspeakably. I decided that my time was better spent calling loved ones.

I walked out of Wild at Heart right after the scene where they come upon the woman with the head injury. Has Lynch never had tragedy in his life? I guess projecting one's callousness to human suffering upon shadowy conspirators is his favored coping mechanism.

The disconnect from the reality of what happened that day revealed by people who raise questions about why the collapse of the buildings deviated from what it would look like in a movie leaves me sickened.

There are shafts, there is a ventilation system, doors propped open or shut. That the collapse of thousands of tons of concrete on a structure incorporating such irregularities would itself be non-uniform is a lot less mysterious than "what was the point of the racist depiction of Mexican's head being blown off?" of "If he dresses like a cowboy, why is his nickname 'sailor'"

Kenzo ( /


What exactly are you responding to? I just watched the David Lynch video (not the cow one - thanks ResidentClinton), and all he said was, there are many unanswered questions, and many things that were explained that just don't make sense. He didn't say he found common ground with anyone or anything. He just listed off some things that don't seem to make sense (and the things he listed were VERY popularly questioned things, too).

I don't find free thinking to be sickening. Good thing, because it's going to go on no matter what.

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