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February 06, 2007



Your comments would make sense if -
- Apple made any money from selling music - but it's well known that they don't
- the competition hadn't crippled themselves with even more restrictive DRM
- you were somehow prevented from buying absolutely any player and filling it with non-DRM music from your CD collection

So the substance of everybody's complaints is that Apple's DRM (forced upon them by the RIAA) is restrictive. So - buy CDs or MP3s instead. Problem solved.


Darmik gives artist the power to sell thier music in the format of their
choice and also gives them the ability to allow thier fans to sell and
redistribute their music form them in social netwotks as well as blogs

Adelphus has launched a socially responsible music social network at will donate a portion of its advertising revenue to charity.

Artist that are part of the network
and can donate a portion of their sales revenue to non

The service also includes an online green computing open office
productivity suite (Lightapp) that is fully compatible with currently


There's always the possibility that the RIAA pressured them into using DRM on all music just as they tried shutting down entire networks because they were sharing music of their's as well as others

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