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February 01, 2007



I am very disappointed to hear that the retards who called this in to the police - reportedly several in a very small time in Boston - weren't the ones arrested. Because they are the only ones who have done anything wrong here. In fact, given that they did so at the same time, suggests that the callers, not the Mooninite distributor, are the hoaxers. To Gitmo with them!

And seriously, how can a lite brite Mooninite be a "hoax"? What's it pretending to be? A real Mooninite?

God save us from the fools pretending to protect us.



tony c

Sources say Meatwad was unavailable for comment.


It is more stupid than what you can possibly comprehend with 100% of your brain. The people of Boston deserve a good moon-rock spanking.


This strikes me as pretty good karmic retribution for what at the end of the day is simply urban spam.

I also agree with the guy above that people affixing things with batteries and wires to the ibeams of bridges in large urban areas should reasonably expect to give people the wrong idea.


OK-- I live in Boston, and I think there is a certain amount of stupidity to go around in this case.

1. The police over-reacted. Perhaps this is because Boston is uptight, or (more likely) it's because the entire US is uptight since Sept. 11, 2001. I'm sure Sikhs wearing turbans (who aren't even Muslim) get harrased regularly now for "looking suspicious." Imagine a Sikh buying a bouquet of gladiolus for a friend, having them gift wrapped in a box, and walking down the street wearing a TURBAN and carrying a LONG NARROW BOX, certainly a police officer will suspect it has a rifle in it, but I'm sure they would have paid it no mind ten years ago.

2. The guerilla marketing guy/team maybe goofed. I'm sure they didn't think anyone would mistake the devices for bombs, but now it appears they maybe should have informed SOMEBODY that these were NOT bombs. Unfortunately the very nature of guerilla marketing means you DON'T tell the authorities-- like postering the city at night, you get a ticket for it and/or they take it down. This is new ground, nobody really thought about the consequences. I don't think the guy should be arrested and treated like a criminal/terrorist/prankster, but he should perhaps be given community service to set an example (and I'm really just tossing a bone to the blood-thirsty here).

3. The press LOVES to blow these things out of proportion, leading to more paranoia for all of us. The "24 hour news cycle" means CNN, MSNBC, FoxNoise, all need to find content, and trick us into watching. . . maybe we'll get to see something blow up on live TV! Consider dingbats like Bill O'Reilly, he has to invent enemies in order to justify his anger. . . "WHO will think of the CHILDREN!!?" The mass of America doesn't ever really think about it-- just accepts what the loud guy on TV says and shuffles on about their business.

I recently was arguing with someone about whether or not Boston was "uptight", personally I think it's no more uptight than a lot of other cities in the northeast (take Guilliani's and Bloomberg's puritanical laws for example), and it's NOT the racist bastion it got painted as 30 years ago (we just elected an African-American governor), but this event makes me wonder. Of course it could just be dumb luck that it happened in Boston and not Philly or Chicago etc. (it only took one call to set the police off), so please don't blame the entire population of Boston-- we are STILL the capital of the most liberal state in the US and constantly hear about it from the Limbaughs/Hannitys/O'Reillys of the world, yet we get sh!t from the left too in cases like this. *sigh*

sid bators

now when I go through security at Logan I'll have to remove my FOREIGNER BELT!


This reminds me of a somewhat lesser, but arguably stupider incident from last year when a bomb squad was called in to dismantle a bike with a "this bike is a pipe bomb" sticker on it, then charged its owner with "inducing panic" as well:


One of my co-workers actually saw the Sullivan Square device a few days ago, and first thought "what the hell is that!? that shouldn't be there!!" but then as he got closer and saw the shape of the character on it realized it was just some 'toy', but STILL thought "man, somebody's gonna freak out over that-- it's on a support beam for the highway."

also-- from the local news-- some woman who saw one of the devices said "i saw it and thought it was a bomb, so i kicked it!"

WHAT?! you thought it was a BOMB so you KICKED it?! she should get some kind of criminal charge for THAT, like 'criminal stupidity' or something.


uh-oh! maybe I should take that Negativland "CAR BOMB" sticker off my toyota!


The city has some serious egg on its face, so it's trying to talk tough. Witness this statement: "Assistant Attorney General John Grossman called the light boards "bomblike" devices and said that if they had been explosive they could have damaged infrastructure and transportation in the city."

Um...yeah. And if my aunt had nuts, she'd be my uncle.


Dateline San Francisco - "I thought it was cool."


Dear Boston,

No terrorist is ever going to put bombs on your highways, bridges, or tunnels, because a) who the fuck cares about Boston, and b) your highways, bridges, and tunnels are so shoddily built that they regularly collapse unassisted.

It should also be pointed out that the only station covering this at any great length is CNN, which -- coincidence of coincidences -- just so happens to be controlled by the the same Time Warner that controls the Cartoon Network. (Not to mention CourtTV, which will inevitably be covering the legal proceedings at length.) But I'm sure there's nothing fishy about that, right?

P.S. Everyone go and see "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres," opening March 23.


The next time a bomb is planted, it will probably be decorated with commercial logos: "Enjoy Coke", "McDonolds" or "Lunesta and sleep."

Everyone will accept it and ignore.

Hear It Wow

Speaking as a professional marketer who lives and works in Boston, I say throw the book at everyone involved in this, and anyone who thinks this is all just a harmless prank needs to seriously think about what happened here.

This isn't about being "hip" and "getting it." This is about shoddily made devices covered in black electrical tape with batteries and wires sticking out of them attached to almost every major bridge in the city. Check for some photos of these things.

Last time I checked, we're supposed to report things that are suspicious. So somebody who's got no idea what Aqua Teen Hunger Force is calls it in. And an army of cops, firefighters, FBI, ATF, and Bomb Squad personnel, who also apparently have no idea what Aqua Teen Hunger Force is, go out and treat the devices like what they are: suspicious devices.

What a shame it is that they're not "hip" enough to "get it," and instead did what they were trained to do, which is protect the public from potential danger. Yeah, Boston should be really embarassed that we have alert citizens and well-trained responders.

And we should just laugh it off, because it's just some harmless marketing campaign, and eat the half-million dollars that were spent rounding these things up yesterday, right? Sorry, as a taxpayer here, I want to see someone pay for this. I'll let the two guys who put them up off the hook, because it wasn't their stupid idea. Turner and Interference, Inc. should be held accountable, and I'd love to see one of them do some time for this, so that maybe a little common sense will intrude the next time sombody has a boneheaded idea like this.

Krys O.

Even a chintzy Casio LCD watch can be made into an explosive device. So where is the logic in thinking that an innocuous looking device like a Lite-Brite couldn't possibly be a bomb?


Ditto illlich. You summed it up well.

Boston's probably got more stoned kids watching cartoons per capita than anyplace on the planet. Half this city's like 19.

And lay the fuck off Boston, ok? Granted, we're guilty of the capital crime of Not Being New York, but we've got lots of cool people here who like and support WFMU. Come up sometime and we'll show you a fun time.


I find the logic of the cops guilty of "not being hip enough" a foolish line of reasoning. I suspect that guy is just angry about his taxes (hey-- he's apparently a Herald reader, right? It's almost as big a rag as the NY Post).

The police/bomb squad are supposed to be professionals and they mistook something that looks like a "Lite Brite" for a bomb-- WAIT. . . yes, of course, I see it now, the terrorists are going to decorate their devices and place them right out in the open!

NO, of course not, they will hide them, and passersby WON'T see them, and if we're lucky a construction worker will come upon them before they detonate. The police made themselves look foolish, and they and the D.A. are going to exact revenge on some silly artists and Turner Broadcasting to deflect their own shame.

My hat goes off to those who's duty it is to protect us, but I can't defend foolishness anymore than I defend George Bush's pointless waste of lives and money in Iraq-- you think those artists or the marketing company or Turner were foolish? FINE, but the cops were at least as dumb and should just fess up.

(I find it curious that the poll on the Boston Herald web site currently has "No, nobody should be prosecuted over this incident" as the majority opinion. . . . and this is a conservative paper, mind you.)


"yes, of course, I see it now, the terrorists are going to decorate their devices and place them right out in the open! NO, of course not, they will hide them"

Illitch, the Lockerbie bomb was made to look like a boombox.

john s

"made to look like a boombox."
That would be hiding it in a commonplace item wouldn't it?
Now if a bomb looked like something unfamiliar and it was flashing bright lights to attract attention, that would be a bomber who really didn't want to succeed, "The Producers" of terror, if you will.


Last I heard Boston says the bill is 700,000 dollars. What the hell is the city paying for? Some gas, some overtime, maybe a few squibs (they blew up one or two, right?) - but isn't the bomb squad's time paid for? Isn't it their job? Really, I am curious. Is the bomb squad a contractor? Frankly, it sounds like an inflated number.

It will be interesting to see, when everything cools down, just how many slightly veiled Boston slams Adult Swim will come up with, much like what Beavis and Butthead did after their Fire! episode problems.

Anyway, I support ATHF.


Also, anyone want to guess when the first LED Mooninite pops up on Ebay? You know that at least a few of these must have been stolen before this whole mess. Hell, I would have stolen one.


what is interesting to me is not pointing fingers as to who is at fault here. what i find truly incredible is that now not only is it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between corporate advertising and enterainment content, but as this episode proves- between advertising and terrorism! i see this episode as a direct consequence of the insane race on the part of marketing firms to find new ways to stake out every possible inch of our physical/ mental space.


Fuck $700,000. I want the real "victims" here, if there are any -- the people who sat on 93 and on train platforms and traffic everywhere else for hours -- to each get paid for their wasted time, by the police, by Time Warner, and by the hippy. Because I'm willing to bet you it comes out to be quite a lot more than $700,000.

Nobody's innocent in this, as illlich pointed out, except the general public whose time and tax money are still being wasted on this nonsense.


toober --

How about... (how do you tell when an existing auction started, anyway?)

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