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February 17, 2007



Did Bush have sexual relations with that woman? Looks like it!!!


WOW! Bush DOES carry a big stick! No wonder Britney was in re-hab.


Now if there was only a picture of a shaved Bush, that would be something. Oh wait...seems to me I have seen that somewhere...


And here I thought the big news was that Paris Hilton Looked Bored

The homepage on my work computer had this news item front and center yesterday. The accompanying photo (on the "Dell" website) presumably taken at the boring event showed Ms. Hilton with her arms outstretched taking a picture of herself.

I think slipping into a psychosis, shaving one's head and getting some tattoos is the very picture of restraint in the aftermath of
such an event.

With the eyebrows the look is kind of a toss up between Synanon (she did just get out of rehab) or the Manson family. Honestly I think she should do the eybrows too and then declare herself high priestess of the revived Sumerian cult. Or keep the eyebrows but get a blue tongue and take up wrestling. Or start listening to the Blaggards and dressing like Andy Capp. Of course along with that goes spending 20 minutes explaining to everyone she meets why she is dressed like Andy Capp.

Really I mean it's very functional. Let it go for a few months and then once hat hair develops it's time for an adjustment.

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