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February 11, 2007


Jonathan Wall

I think you meant for the last link.


Yes, indeed, that was what I meant. Thanks for the correction, I fixed the link.

Jonathan Wall

Ha-ha, sorry for trying to post that comment like a million times. I forgot that they had to be approved to show up.

Brian Turner

It's worth noting that Atavistic has been pretty 'heroic' (as Dave Emory would say) in making the Brotzmann back catalog available. About 180 degrees opposite of the assault of Machine Gun, the recordings reissued last year he did with Han Bennink in the woods, Schwarzwaldfahrt, with sticks, water, etc. might be one of my favorite releases of all related to him. The Chicago Tentet stuff (especially the 3CD thing on Okka) completely kills too. I think my first experience was seeing him on video play at the old Knit with William Parker (and I want to say Graves or Murray), on one of these Chemical Imabalance zine comps, and it totally blew my mind and still does. I will have to go dig that up somewhere.

Ford MF

Super! That made my day! No matter how many Brotzmann records you already have, it's nice to discover there's always one more hiding out in the aether.


For those who remember, Vodka King was the name of the liquor store on Manhattan Ave just off of Greenpoint Avenue. I remember they sold a potato vodka from New Jersey that was allegedly 180 proof.

Dave Makin

Just over a year later (it's now March 08), the links to this monster album are still up! Which is great.
Thank you very much for this - greatly appreciated.
What an album!!!


This site is a reason to love the internet. Thanx a lot!!! I saw the Brötzmanns with Hamid Drake in 1998 and it was one of my all-time favourite concerts.


My favourite is "low life".

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