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February 01, 2007


mark m

I say Terre T.


I (again) say dave the spazz.
It got to be one day


oh crap, i just saw the shortlist.
can I re-guess?
Diane Kamikaze


No Josh, you've got it backwards - that's a shortlist of everybody who it definitely -does not- belong to. Spazz is wrong anyhow...

Steve PMX

That is fringe-a-licious. I hope this mysterious craftsperson has the matching fringe boots/jacket (or vest) to match!


yeah, sorry about that, it appears theres another spazz..

Paul T

Is it Brownwyn C's ??


Not yet, nope nope nope. Keep guessing! This week's hint: this DJ is currently on the air schedule


maria levitsky?


Winner! It is Maria Levitsky's fringe. KR, drop me a line at scott at wfmu dot org and we'll make arrangements for your bumper sticker.

weeble warble

more importantly, where did she get that???!



michael c

I thought it was billy jam's

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