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February 22, 2007



I can't play 'cos I already won, but I just gotta say that that is one beautiful old Telecaster. What year is it? Do you know and can you say?


Jack (who owns a 1971 Stratocaster)

joe nathan

gotta be rex.


T'aint Rex - I figure he'd have a big ol' honkin' semi-hollowbody like a Gretsch, with a Bigsby whammy setup. Or more likely a tenor sax and one tom-tom. Floor tom.

Jack, I think it's a '76, but I'm not sure. I'll try to find out and get back to you.


Whoops, I take that back, it's much older! According to its serial number, this guitar was produced sometime between 1968 and 1970 -- prolly 69. See here


Isn't it YOURS......dude?


In fact, Pork Chop, it is not mine. I am its current protector, however, which makes me very happy. But it belongs to some other WFMU DJ/axeslinger.

rebecca s.

tom scharpling.

rebecca s.

er, clearly i never read the directions about how to post comments. sorry.


i can never figure out who belongs to what on these games. . . like trying to match a face up with a voice. but i will say: the telecaster is still the best electric guitar ever made (with the les paul and strat tied for a close second). it took me a long time to realize that.


Nope, it ain't Scharpling's. I'll give you a hint: this DJ has not had a regular air-slot since 2001, but was all over these airwaves in the 90s.

Illlich, I'm totally with you on the Tele for twang, but give me an SG for chunk and heaviosity. "Give me an SG for chunk", I can't believe I just said that. And in public!

Listener Paul

Just taking a wild guess--Hova? (Yes, yes, I know GKS, but I'm just thinking that show wasn't exactly "regular".


William BERGER

Paul T

How about Chris Tee's?


Was Bruce Springsteen a WFMU DJ?


Nope, neither Wm Berger's nor Hova's nor Chris T's. I bet Wm Berger has a motley collection of guitars, probably a Jaguar and an ES-355 in there; Hova, hmmm... I bet he plays a Rickenbacker; Chris T plays a Univox copy of a Mosrite, which I sold him.

The owner of this guitar is male, hosted a weekend show for most of the 90s, and used to do a LOT of fillins.


Twas It the Hound? Mayhaps


Nope, not the Hound. I imagine the Hound's guitar is literally a piece of plywood with catgut stretched across it.










DOMINICK!!! You win, it belongs to Stork, and he has no idea we're doing this. email me at scott at wfmu dot org, we'll work out the awarding.



Chris T.

As someone who has personally hoisted the Tele in question let me say: It is one sweet-playing piece of wood! I'd love to know its origin story... Scott, when you get in touch with Stork please ask him how he came to own such a swell guitar. And if he would ever part with it.

By the way, in addition to the Univox Hi-Flyer recently purchased from Scott, I own a '68 Les Paul Deluxe (long ago routed out for 3 humbuckers), a mid-Sixties Danelectro Convertible (proudly made in Neptune, NJ) and a lovely little Art & Lutherie "Parlor" acoustic.


Roy Buchanan's ???

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