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February 11, 2007


Rob Adcox

Well gee, how much money were the authors paid to "debunk" Mike Warnke?

Debra Joy

In 1984 I was hired to organize and promote a concert for Mike & Rose Warnke. At the time I was a single mom of two young sons and struggling to make it. I worked on October concert in Louisville Ky for months, even having to rent a car at my expense to travel from Northern Kentucky to work for these liars and thieves.
They refused to pay me for my work but at the end of the concert invited me back to their expensive hotel suite for the After Party. I chose to drive the 2 hours plus to get back to my kids.

I cannot believe that churches are STILL hiring this pathological liar! It is time that Mike and his umpteenth wife named, "Whoever", to take their ill-gotten gains and disappear into the night from whence they came.

Sure wish he would pay me...I still could use that money, Mike!!!


A nice trip down memory lane. I ate up the Warnke albums in the 70s, then worked at Cornerstone mag for most of the 80s and part of the 90s, during the long process of researching his story and finally publishing the articles and book (hey, that's my cover design!--re-design, actually). A few trivia notes about Christian comedy: Isaac Air Freight (loads of fun) was more of an homage to Firesign Theatre Company. And Mike Hertenstein, the main author of the Warnke book, was a key member of Holy Ghost Players, a comedy troupe that toured sporadically through the 80s and released one (great )album, Hello Cruel World! It was also influenced by Firesign, but is a great collection that makes you laugh and think.

Sandee W

I was wondering what happen to him. After reading what he is has done. All I can say is that he has to stand before The Lord, like the rest of us.


Mike Warnke's discussions on Satanism are witnessed and recorded within the pages of Blind Date at the Glass Eye Disco by Lindsey Thomas (Kleft Jaw Press 2013): Here's an excerpt that mentions the fact:

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