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February 05, 2007


J L Smith

Got to agree about the Leather Nun. Fans of grindcore should also check out the feedback speckled Prime Mover which is where I discovered them. I had to check though: I definitely had a Nun LP before 1986. It was called Alive and is just a live album, showcasing both the Leather Nun's antagonistic relationship witht heir audience and the fact that Prime Mover eclipsed the rest fo their set - although they did have a song called Fist Fuckers of America which was was worth it just for the title.


The first Leather Nun 7" is actually on Industrial Records...released 1979, recorded in Sweden, December of 1978. The title of the 7" is "Slow Death EP" and is definitely reminiscent of the Industrial/Throbbing Gristle independent sound of that time/genre. It is actually very good with archaic blasts of neoist/punk/noise resulting in four songs: No Rule, Death Threats, Slow Death and Ensam I Natt. The second release I fondly found was on Subterranean Records out of
San Francisco around the same time period. This was the "Primemover" 7" and the B-Side was Fist Fuckers Association, which by my accounts is actually a
groovy little number. Leather Nun had learned to play it's instruments at this point. I bought their album after that, which to my recollection was the live album, but found them formulaic and boring at that point. Those first two 7"s are gold though and I still have them. The "Slow Death EP" in true Industrial
Records fashion has what looks like a burned corpse sitting in a chair on the cover with a crowd of onlookers, so I hesitate to say corpse...but I also have the
SPK 7" with a skewered penis on the cover and I don't think that IR would put something so "Fluffy" on the cover. The "Primemover" cover is brilliant and even
more decadent with a topless nun wielding something dangerous, wearing a studded leather belt. Typeography is lime green. The reverse is the ab portion
of a male giving the Stretch Armstrong Fist greased up in Crisco to his elbow. I loved music from this period because it was experimental, questionable,
always surprising, a test of the limits, a test of talent, a test of technology. and most importantly a real working of the imaginition.

If I am not mistaken, Leather Nun was a Swedish biker band. I was never sure whether they were just heavy and surreally decadent, or whether they were a
homoerotic leather band. But before they evolved into the pretentious pap that became their "Live" and follow up crap, they had real hope with me because
I couldn't figure the motherfuckers out.


Heh. I saw them at Radio City opening for Echo and The Bunnymen. I kind of liked them, but it was such a crappy pairing that I couldn't get over it. I kept that black condom for a long time, tho.


You can listen and read some more here:

Henry Ponds

I too saw The Leather Nun in the 80's(Hill Aud.on the U of Michigan Campus) backing up Echo & The BunnyMen and they BLEW THEM OFF THE MAP!!!... all I could think while watching ECHO was DAMN I WISH THEY(THE LEATHER NUN) WOULD COME BACK OUT!!!!!!!!!
I am the PRIME MOVER say Can YOU FEEL IT??
Cheers, Henry

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