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February 21, 2007



Thanks for the nod dude; but one caveat: I don't think Polk Miller was ever actually a slave owner, he only came from a family that held slaves.
Minor point, but worth clarifying.


Thanks. I changed that so it reads properly.



Thanks for BOTH links (Frankie Laine AND Peggy Lipton) to my blog! I love your site and will be adding a link to it from mine!

Esther from Stax 'o Wax


Am I hallucinating, or did the link to the 80's movies theme collection disappear?


I think you're hallucinating...


Ack. You're right. I was looking for it in the wrong column.


It is funny that you put the Nurse With Wound "Sylvie and Babs" record up on here, since just the other day I found an LP copy in excellent condition in a 25 cent box! AMAZING!


That Church Universal And Triumphant album...Hail Fucking Satan! It rocks more than the rock it condemns. Arise!

filipina porn

Part of me wants to support "Pilipinas Kay Ganda!" since, objectively, it is totally aligned with my blog's "Awesome Pilipinas!" campaign. There is no harm in using Kay Ganda! in my travel posts to help promote the expression in my own small way.

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