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February 28, 2007



Pay dirt. PAY DIRT! the Scopitone links alone are spectacular. Holy Fucking Mother of
Chthulu. Really cool post.I thank you from the sub-basement of my rat-infested heart.I
didn't notice any mention of this, but there's a really interesting book on rats in NYC
called "RATS (Observations on the History & Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants)
by Robert Sullivan.

Nick the Bard

So did McDonalds get a blessing for the Filet O'Fish (not a Fishwich Channel 5 morning guy >:| ) when they brought it out and KFC is just following suit, or is Colonel Sander's ghost hanging around the offices scaring everyone?


Oh, fellow volunteer, don't go to the standard fast food joints. If you are willing to walk, and you want some REALLY cheap tasty stuff (from possibly slightly rat-infested places, but less rat-infested than Taco Bell/KFC), walk down to Chinatown. Sun Dou is one of the many places where you can get five tasty dumplings for $1. It's at 214 Grand St. between Mott and Elizabeth. There's also outstanding Vietnamese bahn mi (hoagies) at Viet Nam Bahn Mi So 1 at 369 Broome St. near Mott St. That's possibly the closest cheap-o Chinatown joint to the Village. The very popular Dumpling House is another option, at 118 Eldridge St (btwn Broome St & Grand St), but I prefer the lesser-known (but farther south) Prosperity Dumpling, at 46 Eldridge near Canal. And for a platter of three or four things over rice from a steam table for just $3, go to 51 Division St. There's lots of cheap stuff in that Manhattan Bridge overpass section of Chinatown.


And in the West Village itself, hit up the Hummus Place around 99ish MacDougal St., or Taim at 222 Waverly Pl. for top-notch falafel. Not as cheap, but not as far as Chinatown.

Resident Clinton

Oh, believe you me, the fast food joints are NOT my usual stops - it just happened to be the only thing between me and the subway stop and I was tired and angry and broke - a lethal combination that makes one do stupid things (and, indeed, is the state of mind most fast food eaters seem to always be in). I'm more of a local food, small resturant eater myself and I try to avoid that kind of stuff most of the time. But I do think it was funny that the one time I fall off the wagon, so to speak, I got burned so bad.

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