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February 14, 2007


Taro at (Tokyo)

"LOOSE SHOES, TIGHT PUSSY AND A WARM PLACE TO SHIT" is a gr-r-reat song even though that 1980 movie was only recorded in mono.

One problemo:
Who performed the song?

I found the YouTube of it, which shows the all black, Cab Calloway type big band was performing a musical short called "Dark Town After Dark."

That movie seems to have two different versions of the "Loose Shoes" song! According to the people who posted this video on YouTube...

" this version is not the original which featured three blacks spoofing an all black Cab Calloway type big band. "

"...I would still like to see the original version of this. I know there was one before this one and it involved a shorter guy with a top hat...."

Hell's Donut House

I found a $1 DVD of Loose Shoes (the main menu reads Loose Shose) at my local grocery store, so keep your eyes open...

Taro at (Tokyo)

I received an email message from the son of the movie's producer (YouTube name "Mr1d8"). Mr1d8 said....
"David Downing played the singer:
and I think it was written by Murphy Dunne and Ira Miller."

The purpose of "LOOSE SHOES, TIGHT PUSSY AND A WARM PLACE TO SHIT" seems to be according to the YouTube poster "bhigheart": A spoof on President Gerald Ford's Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz who thought he knew what would satisfy the "negroes."

Another YouTube commenter "batguano" wrote:
I had to look up Butz' actual quote. "I'll tell you what the coloreds want. It's three things: first, a tight pussy; second, loose shoes; and third, a warm place to shit." Knowing that makes this little song the perfect response.

Read all the YouTube comments at:

Jeff Gee

Hey, there's no link for "a look at the Last Poets!"


Fixed it! Thanks.


It is sad about post-punk junk being no more... But check out this blog,,,, MUTANT SOUNDS... Amazing stuff,,, NWW list and all... Uber obscure stuff.


yep. dollar store. loose shoes. DVD. priceless. but try to find the double feature one with ''Boob Tube'' . a truly great softcore movie. maybe best ever.

Jim Gellerman


I just want to thank your station and your wonderful blog for archiving the song "Loose Shoes." I've been looking for that song for years and years! Now
I know where I can find the extraordinary and worthwhile, WFMU!


Jim Gellerman

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