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February 24, 2007


Listener Bell

Love the wagon.

And on the subject of my baby loving loving. I actually knew the guy who wrote that song. I used to wait tables with him at a restaurant in the Evanston, IL. Nice guy. I think his name was Matt, but this was over a decade ago...

Anyway, Matt also wrote the song that goes "sign, sign, everywhere a sign, breakin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind..." or something like that.

The baby loves lovin' song was one side of a phone conversation he overheard at an airport. Not sure about where he got the idea for the sign business.

He answered an ad in the back of Rolling Stone and sold both of them (rights and all) for like $50.

Gotta love the music biz.

D. Anderson

Actually, "My Baby Loves Lovin'" was written by Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook.


And "Signs" was written by the Five Man Electrical Band (and later covered by Tesla).


Concerned Listener

"Signs" by Five Man Electrical Band, written by Les Emmerson.
"My Baby Loves Lovin'" by White Plains, written by Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook.

Definitely a creative guy, was our Matt, known mostly for his day-brightening flights of whimsy. But probably not his songcraft.

Listener Bell

Wow. Hard to believe Matt lied to me. And even weirder to think he used those two songs, of all that he could have picked.

Crazy. I honestly never thought to question him. I mean it wasn't like he was really bragging. It was actually a pretty pathetic story. I didn't get the feeling he was trying to impress me.

Sorry to post misinformation. Just one of those things. He told me this story and I just never thought to not take him at his word. The egg rests on my face.

Anyway, it's still a cool wagon.

Listener Bell

Ironically, Matt did actually write the Henry Rollins song, "Liar." Also, the Three Dog Night song of the same name.


I don't know who Matt is, but Henry Rollins wrote the 1994 Liar. Russ Ballard wrote Argent's Liar which Three Dog Night covered.

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