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February 02, 2007



That caller vaguely reminds me of Taylor Negron.


I get the uncomfortable feeling that when this guy would say "some guy" and ends with something terrible happening, he could be talking about himself in the third person.

What show were you doing when this happened? Is this show in the archives?

Chris T.

I was doing an overnight show, it didn't have a name. It's not in the archives because it goes back to 1987 or '89.

Chris T.


Not sure whether I'm more disturbed or amused. Thanks for posting this.


Sounds to me like the caller is a schizophrenic. And a bit lonely.


the caller sounds a bit like a Jerky Boy, no?

Chris T.

At first I thought it might be a Jerky Boy but I know someone who knows them and it wasn't.


name dropper...


It seems like media outlets attract this sort of thing. I used to be the circulation assistant at a major, and now defunct, radical paper which meant I was the guy that opened the mail. We got some amazing artwork from prisoners, right wingers sending us fishing weights in our postage paid envelopes, and some stuff that was sort of similar to this but in the form of letters. One night I pulled an all nighter and slept in the office and got a call at around 3 a.m. It was similar to this but more word salad-y. I was so creeped out I took the subway home. Later I was at a much less prominent radical rag. Even so we had our "wingnut file" there too. My current job, allthough I still open mail any wing-nut content is weeded out by office services, if there is any. Ah, the things you miss...

Mita Tate

Wow and I thought I got some weird late night calls...

This definitely takes the cake though.


in 9th grade, we drank the galliano we had used in the water p1pe. 1977 9th grade. imagine the quality! bleeeeeehhhhhhhhkkkkkk

fatty jubbo

Chris T, please come back to the air! I have exhausted the archives!


I do enjoy a Harvey Wallbanger now and again. Good breakfast cocktail.

Max Sparber

Although the caller was being quite circumspect, it sounded like his complaint was that women were getting raped with the Galliano bottle, and the bottle rapists were then being punished for their misbehavior. The caller then blames Galliano for making a bottle that is so obviously phallic. At least, that's what I got out of it. I posted my theory at The Bottle Gang.

Sam Wilson


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