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February 05, 2007



That Wang one sounds remarkably similar to Rick White's various Elevator megamixes...

Rev. Syung Myung Me

Man, this contest is over! Give the Nevermind On 45 guy the 10,000 dollars!


While I pretty much agree with the Reverend, I gotta give props to the Beatles dude, too. If the Fab4 had just released that, it would have been as revered as the Sgt.


Agreed. Nevermind on 45 is stealing this show!


The more interesting pieces here had the best material to begin with. Personally I liked Matt Keeley's mash-up of The Residents the best, as all those little sounds fit together really well. Some of the others, although clever, seem a bit "trip down memory lane" referential with their bits and pieces. At least Lee Rosevere had a bit of originality with her/his piece. I respect Rick McNamara's "Conet Project" piece for the idea, though.


I love the nevermind.
thought the magi mystery and smile were meh,

keep em comin


The Mothers was great. I gotta play my old Zappa albums more often.

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