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February 09, 2007



Sounds like Leonard Nimoy, especially on the 'M'

joe nathan

exactly. wow, good ears!!

John L

Chris, you are a genius the way you edit those things together. You pick the best beds for them. I am in awe. Always have been.



Mark Allen

Wow! A lot of these are really great. They should be put back into rotation again.


@Bollops: Ditto. Always sounded like a rather cross Spock, if Spock ever got cross.



Both 404 Not Found. ::whimper::


g.e.n.i.u.s. friday drive-time just isn't the same without you...


hey ct i always loved these can I borrow a few? just starting to learn some sound editing. but these rule!!!


Or Ken Nordine, famed commercial voice & "jazz poet?"


Station Manager Ken

I'm not 100% positive, but I think Irwin edited together WFMU Guy in the Seventies from a vocabulary LP.


Chris T.

To Bollops: It's not Leonard Nimoy.
To all: Thanks for the kind words and sorry about the bad links. I plan to do a second installment of station IDs and will include the missing ones.
To Maria: Feel free to grab whatever ones you like and use them. I actually left a bunch at FMU - contact me for details.
To Ch.: It's also not Ken Nordine
To Ken: I believe you're correct. I grabbed WFMU guy off a cart.


Just tonight, I noticed that the "Chris, come on down and wiggle your hips" sample is from Kids in the Hall Brain Candy.

You are missed, Chris T.

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