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February 28, 2007


mike lupica



(some yelling "yay!" among the applause)

joe nathan

nooooo...more, more!!
oh, okaaaay. (:

michael h

The photos were great! I'll never forget that cake in the gas station bin.




i really liked the cake in bin shot too

Vic Perry

I enjoyed every minute of your photos, if not the month.


Why do people hate free entertainment and art? If you don't like it, don't look at it.

Thanks for the memories. The disappearing hockey kids was a personal favorite.

Max Kellar

Don't post questions if you don't want the answer.

Max Kellar

Oh, maybe you do. Cool. I didn't like the photos because I felt they were of poor quality and they had zip to do with music. If DJ Trouble wanted to post the photos on a separate blog, fine and dandy. But I prefer not to see the visual crapola on the WFMU page. I'm not a "hater", I'm a "critic".


Thanks for all the great photos! It was a little excitment in a deary sickly month.


Let the haters do what they do best. I enjoyed the photos and was inspired to boot. Thanks for the memories, and the cake and the groundhog and the colors.

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