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February 19, 2007


j. neas

Regulating violence on network television isn't necessarily a bad idea - I remember watching television in England where I was surprised at how prevalent semi-nudity was, yet when I saw an episode of professional wrestling, the screen actually froze and then jumped ahead when someone hit someone with a metal chair. I found that fascinating. But regulating cable is a no-go. If I'm paying for something, I'll be damned if the FCC is going to tell me what I can and cannot see. Same with satellite radio hopefully.

However, the FCC should most definitely force a la carte packages on cable as it's the only sensible thing for consumers. Why do I have to pay for 80 channels when I only watch 20 or 30? It would also help families better regulate what their families are exposed to - since apparently we, as a nation, are too frickin' stupid to figure out our V-Chips.

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