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March 01, 2007



Ahh, the '64 Worlds Fair. The last hurrah for Googie....



New York? pfft, we all know Expo 67 was the real deal!

Skip Rooney

Thanks for posting this! We had this around the house when I was a kid (my older sibs went to the Fair). I played it hundreds of times, never got enough of it, even though -- or because -- I never saw it in person.


YES!!! I grew up in Hartford CT. (lord have mercy on my soul), home of Travelers, and my dad worked for them for many years, so naturally we had this red vinyl 7" around the house. I played it until it was practically dust on the crappy library cast-off turntable (designed for the blind, so it had 16 RPM). Far more entertaining than the other storytelling records we had, or the Folkways/Pete Seeger songs for children LP.

I saw it in a pile of 45s at an auction a few years ago, got outbid because of all the Beatles 45s in the pile, approached the winning bidder to ask about it, she immediately barked "NO" assuming I wanted her precious Beatles 45s. Once I explained I wanted the Travelers 7" and offered her some money she calmed down and said "Oh, you can just have it!"

Kenneth Earl Youngblood

". . . and you thought they sold insurance."


My mom grew up in Flushing and purchased this 7" at the 1964 fair. It was given to me in a few years ago in a box full of my mom and my aunt's old records. I will treasure it forever.

Webhamster Henry

My 9th birthday was at the World's Fair, and sure we visited this Pavilion with free tickets or some kind of VIP status - yes, I'm from Hartford too.
This record is a good "short subject" to play before putting on the Firesign Theatre's We're All Bozos On This Bus, a segue I played repeatedly in the early 70s in the privacy of my basement room.

Chris R.

Hey, finally the first record to show up in either 365 Days Project that I own! Cool!

Katya Oddio

Great fun! Thank you!

Scott Mercer

Love it love it love it!

My folks went to the 65 Fair and we had this record lying around the house. I would play it over and over again on the fold-up portable phonograph along with my Oscar the Grouch "I Love Trash" single and "Basketball Jones" by Cheech and Chong, which I didn't get at all.

Anyway, the Triumph of Man is a fantastic space-age/cold war artifact, probably my favorite industrial/music/narration record after Attilio Mineo's "Man In Space," also a World's Fair artifact (Seattle 1962). But I didn't discover that thing until I was 30. So Triumph of Man has a lot of childhood memories for me.

Since I did go Disney World at age 6 and Disneyland at age 12, I did relate this record to the similar Worlds Fair type expereinces there, such as It's a Small World (hey! which premeired at the 64 world's fair!), Mission to Mars and Journey to Inner Space.

HEY! Why don't they have World's Fairs anymore!? Dang it!

ithink ithink

i saw this at a yardsale & picked it up immediately because it was used on DJ Spookys album Celestial Mechanix & had wanted to hear the full version... sure 'nuff!

sal c

why doesn't anyone say if uit has a freakin, oops, price, lol, the red vinyl 45 of worlds fair 1964-1965.pls someone let me know the value or its so rare know one knows the price, lol cuc73@aol.com

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