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March 04, 2007


strictly kev

Although a bit pedestrian on the 'funky sums' side in contrast to some of the Sesame Street, Electric Company and Schoolhouse Rock entries this is a very interesting find. The narrator sounds, on occasion like the sample source for one of Boards of Canada's songs. Nice one Pea (and if you ever have another of those Hellers triple 10" sets for sale, I'm your man, lost out on the recent auction)


pea hix

well, you also have to keep in mind that this came out in 1964, so i think it was a bit ahead of the curve in terms of blending math with kid-friendly pop music. as for the hellers set, i only had those two copies. i came upon a stash of pristine hellers stuff at an estate sale, including some undocumented items. i was planning on doing a hellers post for 365, so at the very least you'll be able to hear all that stuff.


There must have been something wrong with kids in the 60s. Were they drugged in order to sit and listen to 28 minutes of spoken times tables? Gimme a plastic push-button times tables toy any day.

pea hix

stop the press!! archie moore's house has been found!!

apparently it's currently the location of a swinger's club!!

john stump

Great review

I would like to hear or buy this album.

Please e-mail me to dicuss

all the best John

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