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March 12, 2007


Scott S

The song is To Sir With Love, originally recorded by LuLu in 1967.

Calibre Auto Recordings are homemade acetates, more or less the 50s/60s equivalent of home taping.

It is a good guess that this acetate was made between '67 and '70, when homemade acetates pretty much were replaced by cheaper real to real and later cassette.

Michel LeGrisbi

Awesome Thanks!

I've also got a fair bit of Recordio Disc Albums I think those are much older.


I own two Calibre auto-recording dated of 1979,recorded at a luna park in Montreal.


The song is Lulu's "To Sir With Love", which was a big UK hit in 1967.


thank you for the waking nightmare!


It would be great if the identity of the girl was discovered some time down the road. I bet that when she recorded this roughly 30 years ago that she never realized some audio collector would find it and immortalize her.

John Hodgson

Calibre Auto Recordings discs were prduced in seaside amusement arcades. Anyone could enter the booth (rather like the Photo-Me booths) and pay a fee of around 1 shilling for approx. 90 seconds of airtime. The person(s) could then sing, laugh and swear their way to stardom, and have their results cut onto a single 6" disc, which popped out of a hole in the bottom of the machine a few minutes later.
I used one at Scarborough (A UK seaside resort) around 1968. Some enterprising bands crowded into these booths for cut-price demos. If I ever see one in a junk shop I always buy them just out of curiosity. There's no way of knowing who is on the recording - unless they identify themselves on the disc.


2010-02-27 00:45:01

Hola soy de espaƱa y he encontrado un disco calibre, creo que fue gravado en Barcelona. Saludos Antonio

Alex Findlow

I've got one of these booth-made 'Calibre' 45rpm home made discs, recorded at Norwich Railway Station (UK) with my brother sometime around 1967. I was 9 or 10 years old, he was 15 or 16 and I was seeing him off as he was returning from military leave (boy's service) Quite amusing hearing brotherly 'banter' from all those years ago! My vinyl & CD collection comes to around 4,000 items but this is my most treasured!

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