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March 17, 2007


Dancin' Dave

I no longer do work for Rhino, so don't even bother sending me your next project.


Probably 15 years ago there was a CD of music from Plan Nine. I was all ready to buy it from some mail order place, and for some reason I decided against ordering it at the last minute.....and now I regret it. I'd probably never listen to it, but it's one of those things I would just like to have.


Two words - Comfort Stand.


These are great!

If you're still interested in Ed Wood-themed music, you might like a group on my netlabel, The Threshold People - their debut album has a couple Wood-related tracks, including an ambient take on the Tor Johnson/Tony Cardoza film The Beast of Yucca Flats.

Paul the Spud

The "Plan 9" soundtrack is still available; it's on Amazon and other sites. I own it... one thing I really love about the album is that it's the entire soundtrack. Dialogue, music, sound effects, everything. And it's one long track, so you're either forced to listen to the entire thing, or do a lot of fast forwarding if you want to hear a particular bit. For some reason, I find that very appropriate.

Cheese Snob Wendy

The radio station I used to work at (in New England) had lots of awful CDs in the record library, but one of the gems (awful in a good way) was the Plan 9 soundtrack, which, as Paul the Spud says, indeed contains the audio from the entire film.
I loved playing the very beginning, where the voice-over says, "Many of us are interested in the future, for that is where we will spend THE REST OF OUR LIVES."
Ooh scary!

Tor Hershman

Thanks for the great postin', 365.

However moi knows not how you can not have moi's "Ed Wood Hymn" posted.

Gad, I recall Prewar Yardsale [I dug their "Weird"] from original/real days as well as Planet Log whose last few seconds of "Tor Johnson" ("...and they call him / and they call him / and they call him / call him Tor") is part of WifeyWu and moi's phone message.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,
(Greatly hated by Tom Scharpling)

Karl Benson

What, no "Hubcaps Over Hollywood" by The Jalapenos?!?
For shame!

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