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March 23, 2007



Has a Daniel Johnston appeal, no?

Taro at (Tokyo)

That "Cow" won't milk.

(The audio links don't work.)

Taro at (Tokyo)

Sorry, the imbedded audio player doesn't work in RSS (while the wfmu imbeds work just fine). The MP3 will download just fine.


..i love this song...its vaguely paganistic... has an almost paul giovanni feel to it.... i can almost here it on the 1973 wickerman a sacrificial celebration song... beautiful!!!!

Pinball King

Great song! The much loved Lucia Pamela factor ("Walking On the Moon"). The music reminds me of "The Chanukah Song" by Adam Sandler. Which came first?

Scott Soriano

Wow! I mean really really Wow!

Frédéric Guyon

That sing is very funny! Congratulation for Otis Fodder and his sounds, that's a very good idea and congratulations for your programs. I'm technical director of new regional radio in Brittany France Littoral AM and we broadcast at this adress: and you click on : "écoutez"

Blog :

We're generalist radio, we broadcast since ten days. For the moment we broadcast french and breton music for test, later we broadcast news and report.

Frederic Guyon


Stunning! The guy is a genius. Or something. . . . .

Hear It Wow

What kind of therapy are you in if you leap from, "I want to be a cow" to, "What will I do if the other cows don't like my moo?"


This is indeed a great companion piece to Daniel Johnson's Walking The Cow, infact I'm sure there must be enough cow songs to put together a compilation of outsider cow music.


AHHHH this brings back memories...sometime back in 2005 or so this was passed to an P.A. at Warner Brothers TV Animation. He happened to be wearing his ID tag at a local car wash and this fellow came up and pressed a cd into his hand. We( the Justice League Crew) had a ball with it ever since. You should transcribe the lyrics to the cow takes a very strange turn towards the end.....

Jonathan Ward

An update to the Mike Sophia saga: it appears that, only a mere 2 years after this was posted, Mike has been discovered and now performs "Cow" in an upcoming film (link below). Ah, well, we knew him when...

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