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March 24, 2007


Sanjaya Malakar


This is a great post
Thanks to you Ryan also

I watched "Perfect Strangers" all the time
and didn't know they put out this 45 single for the show

Many of those Gary Marshall sitcoms released "tie-in"
singles - such as "Making Our Dreams Come True" (Cyndi Grecco)
and "Rock Around the Clock" (Bill Haley) for Happy Days
and "Movin' On Up" (Good Times) by the great Curtis Mayfield

thanks again for this post

Where IS Mark Linn-Baker these days?!

: )


Scott Mercer

Fresh Start is taped before a live studio audience!

Buck Buchanan

Thomas Stephen (A.K.A.'Moose")Smith recorded at least three albums 1976-1981
Housetop records, (Call of the Moose) on Zondervan records and Milk and Honey. I knew him, met in 1977 when he was band director for 700 Club TV show in Virginia Beach, VA. I really like his lyrical approach to Christian music.

Curtis Campbell

I would really like to find Moose Smith. I worked with him briefly and am interested in doing some of his music. Any ideas how to reach him????


he is my piano teacher.

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