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March 25, 2007



the last 30 seconds or so - sounds like Kurt Schwitters was down, 70 years ago. The loosening of word from meaning into pure sound. Beauty.


That's the stuff!!! Where can I get more of this material? :)
John Oswald would be proud!


Wow... I can only imagine the visual component to this. Incredible. Thanks for diverting your attention long enough to hit "record..." must have been tough tearing yourself away from it.


something similar happened to one of the streams from my college radio station a few years back. one night, the windows media stream just went haywire, turning everything into this really awesome, unrecognizeable buzzy mess, like a vocoder gone mad or something. I listened for probably half an hour and recorded about 15 minutes of it that will someday get used for something.


Awesome...kind of reminds me of the "mea culpa" track from my life in the bush of ghosts at one point...


That is a stone trip!
I agree with Plasket. The video must have looked incredible.



Superb! This kinda reminds me of a time I was in a fast food restaurant in Notting Hill (London) and they were playing a well-worn CD of chart hits. When it got to Red Red Wine by UB40 it hit a blob of grease and skipped and skipped ad nauseam, creating a one-off trippy, mesmeric audio feast, turning the three minute pop song into a 25 minute remix. The weird thing was that I was the only one who seemed to notice enforcing the myth that anyone who works at, or visits, a fast food restaurant is in a Stepford Wives-like trance.


OMG, it's like Speedy Gonzalez doing Porky the Pig's Loony Toons send-off! I think a little (lot of) reverb and a bottle of vodka is all that's missing!


Great sound bits!! Thanks for sharing Mr. Amberson!


This reminds me of the time a local TV station burned down. I had the TV on in the background when all of a sudden the picture went black and the sound went AWESOME for a couple minutes. Have you ever heard a television station scream while slowly melting from fire? Well, that's what this was. I was spellbound. Then I was kicking myself for not recording it...I was sitting right in front of my gear at the time too...just a couple switches and I could have had the whole thing on tape...


If you go & seek my channel on YouTube, user-name "jamesmorgandavies" - then cue up "Avant-Bohunk Mod Yule" ... assuming you can last long enough thereafter to hear it ... there's a low-key-yet-meaningful gobbet of this swishing around its gleaming porcelain bowl. I was going to ask to use it first, really I was - except that I think asking first is the mark of a pussy.


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