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March 28, 2007


Peter Ellioyy

The UK turned out dozens of these kind of albums between the mid 60s and early 80s mainly under the guise of "Top Of The Pops". Everyone of those albums would feature some sexy woman on the cover and inside you'd get these awful cheapo remakes of chart hits. There is an entire albums worth of material featuring Elton Johns' contributions to those albums and between 1969 and 1970, ever desperate for money Elton took the money and sang on many tracks. Apparently many famous musicians played on these over the years to make a quick buck.

The trick was to sell these albums for the same price as one or two singles on a budget label. They obviously sold very well because these albums continue to inhabit and clutter up second hand and charity shops.

Pete Roach

OMG, that is awful. The white/black guy is one of the worst things I've ever heard. I get a kick out of all things that are bad, but when I heard this collection I just wanted to step in front of a bus.Ummm...thanks for sharing?


Have you never heard the wonderfully bad version of Young Gifted & Black sung by the oh so white (& at the time not well known) Elton John??


funny you should mention the Chacachas. I work for one of the majors, and I found out a fun fact: contrary to what most people would think the Chacachas aren't tropical or exotic in any way.

they were a band of session musicians from Belgium, of all places! (yes, my home country)
admittedly they did have some South American musicians, like Tito Puente's wife Kari Kenton.


keep up the good work, I really enjoy this blog!

that is all :)


OMG - I'm gonna be sick........ :{

Ian Cussick

Brilliant...if ever I need a laxative I´ll be sure to play this record.
Great and Fun web site you have here!
best regards - Ian Cussick


To its credit, this is a better cover of "American Woman" than the Lenny Kravitz one.

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