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March 22, 2007



Thank you. Thank you so much.

Yonathan David

Why listen to so many? :)


this completely rocks. stan free (of Hot Butter) played in my basement for my bar mitzvah in '73!


Someone needs to add a link to this post in the "Popcorn" Wikipedia entry!


It looks like my complete collection I'm updating since 1999 ! Funny.
Most of them taken from a dead site called
It's back on-line since 1995 here.
And already linked to the wikipedia entry.


I miss Popcorn by Messer Chups!

thanks for that collection - really a great tune and more enjoyful (for me) than xxx variations of stairways to heaven :-)


here I've found one more version of popcorn by "Antoine" I hope It is not in collection - I'm not shure where I found it (i thought on wfmu or just on an obscure blog) It's a german version with italian slang - very stupid but funny :-)


Don't think the one listed as Kraftwerk is them.
Great tune, not sure the world needs this many versions though.


It's a great idea, and there are some real good versions in here, but about half... sound the exact same. By that I mean, far too many are crappy techno remixes that are just "nnn ttiss nnn ttiss" for five minutes. I'd have liked a little more variety, like including the Fairfax High School Marimba Band version you guys posted not long ago.


thanks! 79 versions and the best is by a high school band;


I've been looking for the version by "Phantom Surfers"...Still haven't found it.


the aphex twin one should really be credited to caustic window. sure, it's a matter of semantics. but it's true: great list, however.


The one marked "Popsong" is by Japanese band The Pugs. It's not quite the complete version, either, but still tasty.


"Pole Popcorn" is not Pole.
"Aphex Twin Popcorn" is Caustic Window.
"Kraftwerk Popcorn" is not Kraftwerk.

so who did the original? Hot Butter?

Luke Hunter

should be noted that The Prodigy did not mix that last one, that was just an old Napster hoax.

Mr Fab

Gershon Kingsly (of Perrey & Kingley fame) wrote it and his Moog Quartet version was the first one recorded. Hot Butter was a studio group thrown together to record a cover version that became more popular then Kingsley's original.

The Bruce Haack recording is a completely different song that just happens to be about popcorn.


My god, how beautiful a collection. Even the fakes are real.

Dale Hazelton

My other favorite from my 5th grade year (I think) was Keem-o-sabe by the Electric Indian? Any covers of that?

Webhamster Henry

This one turned up in the demo files for the new synth the "Poly Evolver" by Dave Smith Instruments.


The version marked "U96" is actually one of several released by the M&H Band in 1987, this being the 'butter mix'!

What no TIC version?

jonathan richardson

Ok, now we need 79 versions of "Mah Na Mah Na" and we have a party......


yeah, that "prodigy" track is definitely not the prodigy.
it seems unfortunate that so many of these are mislabeled.


Yeah, we dont need all these - could someone pick out the 60 best ones?

CrazyPopCornMan From Finland!

Where is Gershon Kingsley's 7 inch version? (single record, no full 12inch LP)

It's quite spooky :D

small clip:

That are missing... I found only small clip.


I´ve another one by Paco Clavel, the spanish weird pop singer from La Movida. It´s called "Palomitas de maiz" (with lyrics, huh)

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