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March 26, 2007



I beg to differ with the appraisal of the Judas Priest "album cover"... this is actually a rare "no record" release, briefly made available to JP Fan Club members for a single day (9/31/82). It is extremely rare. I could have cried as I watched the appraiser carelessly toss the slip case to the floor! *sniff*


ok, if this was a real tv show, i would watch it. or at least tivo it and then watch it.

michael c

NY Noise shows are only good when they revolve around the fmu record fare. Otherwise there are too many videos that take place in forests and ones that include bad animation.

little jammy thing

They should have ditched the ian maxtone-graham look-a-like (not laugh-a-like) and flew in jim o'rourke. I'm sure he would have spotted the Priest release in seconds flat.

arthur bender

I think i speak for music nerds everywhere when i ask "WHY the heck isn't this a regular show?" I would watch this kind of a program all the time. Antiques Rockshow could travel the country, even the world going to record fairs and doing this. Top-notch entertainment!

loren lindevig is dope

my great uncle loren lindevig (real name, real story) IS in the polka hall of fame // the one located in hibbing minneasota, anyways ... you gotta figger there must be plenty of polka halls of fame out there, though/

Randy Barringer

When is the next record show(fare). could you please send me a contact number

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