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March 06, 2007


Krys O.

Rape is so goldarn funny, ain't it?


Not that any kind of rape is funny, but the phrase "Ape Rape" apparently comes from the title of an X-Rated pulp novel written by Vin Saxon, AKA minor rockabilly star Ron Haycock, composer of "99 Chicks." As the late Cub Koda notes, Haycock/Saxon came to an appropriately "pulpy end": "andering lost down an exit ramp trying to head into Los Angeles, a disoriented Ron Haydock was struck and killed by an 18 wheeler on August 13, 1977."

There some info here:

Also, a long interview that mentions that particular title here:


wow, thanks for that Fatherflot

what a story



Should be "Haydock" not "Haycock." Is my Freudian slip showing?

Also, that final quote should read: "Wandering lost down an exit ramp. . ."

Listener Simon

"Rape is so goldarn funny, ain't it?"

Yeah, well, that's the first thing that comes to mind upon reading this post.

The second thing, after reading the comments: How did Fatherflot manage to misspell Ron Haydock's name twice while quoting the correct spelling twice?


Just can't get enough cock, I guess.


Louis C.K. agrees: It's wrong to rape a chimp.


Gee that's a bright shiny future for capitalism.
Attempting to rape an anthropoid ape is only going to result in much but a trip to the hospital or morgue, with the possible exception of the gibbon. (Kidding, the gibbon is the smallest of the great apes but could probably clean house with the best of them.)

The sad thing is the sheer number of people that believe HIV is the result of sex with primates. Have these people ever been to a zoo?


According to Idiocracy, TV gets even dumber than this by 2500, when the top TV show is 'OW, My Balls!'.

Brad Wesley

Armando Iannucci, one of the major talents behind the Alan Partridge shows, has another fantastic (and recent) series worth combing the internets for: "The Thick of It", which has an American version currently in production, with Mitchell Hurwitz of "Arrested Development" being the head honcho on that. Some wags think it's poised to be the next "The Office".

Niall Munnelly

His radio shows were better. The radio shows, they're always better.


'Some wags think it's poised to be the next "The Office".'

The Thick of It pisses all over 'The Office'.

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