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March 11, 2007



I actually found this record about 2.5 years ago while visiting my girlfriend in New York. She took me to this record store in/on (I don't know what's acceptable) the Lower East Side where she bought a Plastics LP and supposedly saw some old-perhaps original-KBD comps. I scoured the place and came up empty-handed. Right before I was about to leave I noticed a bunch of white cardboard 7" boxes behind the counter. I should mention that there was this tattooed, rocker-type working the counter who had the most immense chip on his shoulder. I had to ask him to pull the boxes down, one-by-one, so I could browse through them. He did so begrudgingly, huffing and puffing the entire time. After the request for about the fifth box, I asked him to pull four at a time so he could save himself the trouble of having to get up every three minutes or so to come help me. I thought I told him my intention to look through every single box...maybe not. Anyway, lurking in some box labeled either "80's" or "New Wave" I found the Blah Blah Blah 7" (minus the picture sleeve). I think he charged me two bucks.

chris andrews

you too can pick up rare blah vinyl from ebay uk-really good to hear it got to New York.


erm ...
I now wish I just had fond memories of this as opposed to access to the real thing.

They've got guns in the toilets ... they've got guns everywhere was my main recall of this song, sung just as tunelessly as the original, but it's now harder to stomach it all.

Paul Beatless

This is a turn up for the obscurity books. I remember tracking down and buying this single after hearing it played on the John Peel show. Reminded me of the bedroom cassette release stuff knocking around at the time.. but on vinyl.

It was that genius'..gun in our toilets' line that really sold it to me though

bernard bof

Brilliant record, bought this when it first came out, and still enjoy it. "we got guns in our underpants" sums up the nutters beautifully.


band gave it out after gig at snoopys in richmond with the nuggets.i still got 2 copies.i was only 15 but still 1 of maddest gigs ive seen.great times.


One of the best bands to see live at the time as every show was an event. For every show they would 'dress up' for the audience, the majority whom didn't appreciate genius. Used to get bottled off nearly every gig, I saw them about 6 times and the only time they didn't get bottled off was at the Venue, Victoria when they supported another some Bizzare Album band called Soft Cell (or Soft Sell as it said on the tickets !!). I wrote to them and they sent me a C90 cassette (Blah Blah Blah sampler No.1) which included Litte Erin, Korea A Career and Wayo Wayo. Bought the first album which is also great with tracks like My Mother Was A Radiator, Itching In My Pants ,Liquidising Chickens and my favourite Wayo Wayo.

chris (again)

I stand corrected !! My C90 cassette was Blah Blah Blah Sampler No3 not No1 . Side One : Wayo Wayo Wayo/Will To Live/ Kill Flowers/Here Comes The Tide/ Treehouse/Sing What You Can To This/Song Of My Ancestors/Going To Essex/Blahblues/Fatherland Side Two : Tropical Holiday Time/Little Erin/Central Park/Vegetable Shop/ Korea-A Holiday /Tiger Tank/Geographical Society/Chemical Lab/Pits Again.
Personally I think its better than the first album with stronger/better songs. Blah Blah Blah on Trans Universal Records (TU1)
Side One :My Mother Was A Radiator/Disney On Ice/ Long John/ The Red Spot/Going Down To Soho/So Sore/The Four Corners Of The World/Interference Side Two : Itching In My Pants/Natives Are Restless/Weasel Hunting/ Liquidising Chickens/Outside The Veg Shop/ Socialist Democrats/Wayo Wayo.

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