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March 10, 2007



Dale Hazelton

YouTube fodder for days! Where else could you get such a critical treatise on truckin' flicks besides FMU? But I had to go straight to the Bionic Woman clips, The Reurn of Bigfoot is worth it (guest starring myopic Sandy Duncan), with horrible effects and a great cheesy erupting volcano shot -- it looked like the baking soda/paper machee variety. Is Breaker Beauties a porno?


MST3K episode 814 'Riding with Death' (
has 'trucker action' during the first half of the film. It also features the gang riffing on all things 70's. You turkey!


A pretty good trucking movie from the 70s is called 'Road Movie'. It's a little more somber than others of the genre. It stars Barry Boswick of the quickly forgotten sitcom Spin City.

Jack Smith

There is also another trucking TV series from the early 70s that came at the very beginning of the CB crazy... Before Claude Akins was Sherrif Lobo on BJ and the Bear, he was Sonny Pruitt on Movin' On. Movin On ran for a couple of seasons on NBC and featured Akins, Frank Converse and Rosie Greer!!! Akins and Converse hauled loads around the US in a green Kenworth. (I was psyched one christmas to get a model of this truck.) The title song was done by Merle Haggard.


Ten years ago I indulged in a small truck drivin' vinyl buyin' spree, purchasing a number of albums featuring various truck drivin' hits by well known country artists, many of whom you've previously mentioned, on record labels such as "Starday" and "Nashville".
While I found much of the music extremely enjoyable, I was surprised and equally amused by the numerous and unabashed photo "studies" of truckers at truck stops, leering at, flirting with, cajoling, and picking up the gals "hangin' at the truck stops", which were the greater part of the album art on several of these records....

Dale Hazelton

I have a fine Realistic (the Shack) CB in my pickup truck and use it when taking long hiway trips (surprisingly New York has tons of cabbies on CB, but little of that traffic is in English). You can get some decent traffic information when you head out of town. But the thrill is long gone, as I've heard more than enough gay pickup conversations on channel 19 to last me a lifetime. I wonder if there was a cruisin' scene going on with these dudes in the 70s. After all, what DOES "B.J." stand for in B.J. and the Bear?

James Kicklighter

I noticed you mentioned Dub Taylor for his performance in "The Great Smokey Roadblock." I'm the Executive Producer and Assistant Director of a feature length documentary about his life. The website is if you're interested.


Strangely enough, Terrence Malick wrote DEADHEAD MILES, and it is actually FUNNY. No mythopoetic voice-over either....

Russ Tolman

Smokey And The Hotwire Gang is now available as a free stream at Check it out in all its groovy goodness:

And I've had the personal pleasure of speaking to producer Anthony Cardoza on the telephone. He's a legend.


I'm glad someone mentioned Movin' On, which I loved and you didn't mention. My favorite truck related scene in film is from some Sci-Fi movie in which automated trucks doing 120 mph would repeatedly boom out "Clear the Highway! You are in violation!" whenever they detected anyone near the road. I often recall that when I'm on road trips and the trucks are going faster than me.

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