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March 16, 2007


Arty Fufkin

Excellent! Thanks!




Hey Chris,

Thanks, that's very nice. Can you share with us the software/technique you used to extract these? I'd be awfully handy for learning some of these pieces, or just to enjoy the musicianship without the production stuff getting in the way.


i find it fascinating that when you strip away any of the layers of 'Darkside' it immediately sounds like their previous opus "Meddle".

which btw, is the girth of the material they perform on the "Live At Pompei" DVD. also, that newly re-released movie has outtake footage from the "Darkside" Sessions at Abbey Road studio. its fascinating to watch the brilliant but irrascible boys from Floyd bicker with each other and the interviewer in that footage.


here's my lame d.i.y. attempt: one is pink_.mp3

be sure to play it loud and annoy your friends and neighbors.

von Zeke

That sounds great. Is it you playing or do you have a mole at EMI?

Chris T.

I'd love to take the credit but all music was played by the members of Pink Floyd. The sound was culled from the excellent DVD "Classic Albums: Pink Floyd - The Making of Dark Side Of The Moon". Here's the IMDB link:

There's a whole series of "Classic Albums" DVDs but - IMHO - the Dark Side presentation is the best. All the band members are present and the film goes into great detail about the production techniques, including commentary from Alan Parsons. It's well worth tracking down.


Damn Chris, I thought you'd discovered the philosophers stone of unmixing albums (grin). Well, although it's a real challenge to _write_ this music, playing is isn't all that hard, especially with such a terrific road map as we have here. Here's my first crack at the Breathe reprise, helpfully the first note is an open E so it's easy to tune up to David ( or is it Rog? )

Em - A ( repeat and embellish this, notable is the jump up to A on the next octave )

And the bridge,

Cmaj7th Bm F G Dm ?

Not sure about that last one, I can kinda fake it by playing the Dm as an open chord and pulling off the index finger... Also, for extra flavour, play the Em but fret the third string up a full step... ahhhhhhhh Oh yeah. Also play the bridge all as bar form chords, the CMaj7th then goes naturally to the Bm and so on...


I've been looking for the "Dark Side Interviews", for absolute ages, man!
Funny thing is, they also handed out the query cards to Paul and Linda McCartney, who were at Abbey Road, recording an album at the time. Their responses sounded so trite, that they didn't make the final cut.
Any chance of getting the whole reel?
It would be worth the price of admission, just for all the answers to "When was the last time you REALLY thumped someone?"



Ah, the making-of disc. I suspected as much. I knew this guy who said he had access to the protools wave files which were extracted for the 5.1 mix. I was hoping...


This is GREAT! But wouldn't it it be more appropriate to call it "Roll your Own" Dark Side of the Moon? ;-)



If you do another one of these, I would love to see "Time" separated (side 2 track 1) - that statement dates me, eh? -



Where's the "till opening" sound effect?


Track 1 on side B is "Money". :-)

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