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March 29, 2007


Art Rush

omg i am a mountain dew ad exec let's do a viral campaign lol the kids will love it lol

Mickey Mephistopheles

Agreed. Guerilla marketing.

Musicians: Make big $$$ making cheesy ironic theme music for viral marketing videos! (Guitar Center executives may email me if they would like to hire me as guerilla marketer for this campaign.)

Listener Sharon

Someone should tell Granny Sue how much caffeine is in Mountain Dew. She's gonna need to match up her beats with a defibrillator if she's not careful.


Does this count as corporate sponsorship?


I really wonder how well this kind of advertising works. Short of working an all nighter, it's unlikely I will ever drink Mountain Dew. Much the same as before the video. I am though stricken with a profound desire for a turntable cozy.


Is that you, mother?


the old lady's got her own myspace too...

Jon B

Here's another one where she customize sneakers with a wood burning tool. "Granny's got a new pair of kicks. Boo-ya!"

Sonny Kashburgh

This sh@t iz funky az hell!...granny pimp'd the f@*K outta that one. personally I love the Idea. Give dat b!%ch her own tv sitcom.


This reminds me of Ethel Merman's disco album.

joe nathan

can we say "dispepsi"?


Coming Up Next: Granny Sue kicks it with Xzibit as she gets her walker re-worked on a special edition of "Pimp My Ride"!

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