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March 12, 2007




Is this considered doing God's work, or undoing it?


I used to work in a medical library where I would come upon texts with photos of bizarre disorders, such as the now-infamous humongous testicles in the wheelbarrow or the especially disturbing to me 'nose melting away.' I began to fear that one could only get these extraordinary diseases if you KNEW of them. This is a long-winded way of saying, thanks a lot Mark -- something else to worry about!


I suspect this is genetic, perhaps not common, perhaps not even "hereditary" really, but a new mutation. If so, he is stuck with this, the same way "lobster boy" and his family were.

But what the hell do i know. I certainly hope I'm wrong and that there is a cure.

Must be tough to play the violin like this.

joe nathan

while i AM shuttering at the images i still find this very intriguing.


I think it might be an issue with his immune system. It could be claused by some microorganism that for most other folks rarely causes trouble.



My mellow = totally harshed. I shall never sleep again. Oy!


These growths look very similar to ones caused by the Shope papillomavirus strain in rabbits. This virus also causes keratin growths that eventually hinder the rabbit's ability to eat/breath, thus killing the host. The horn-like projections are the origin of jackelope stories and sightings. This may well be some unidentified strain of papillomavirus specific to humans.


Similar condition?

It seems to mainly affect rabbits... but you never know.

Dick Dynamite

One kind of has to wonder how it is to be this person. I mean, do the growths on his hands still feel, like do the nerves still feel, or what?

Also, is it just me, or do his hands and feet have a very "Ben 'The Thing' Grimm" look to them? I'm not making fun, but I'm intrigued.

Holland Oats

Eerily reminiscent of Stephen King's stint as Jordy Verrill in "Creepshow"!


Generally, I am pretty immune to disgusting pictures but for some reason (maybe inherent vanity/fear) this really makes my stomach churn.

"somewhere in Eastern Europe", downwind from Chernobyl mayhaps?


Just out of curiosity (not looking for his address, or even his town/city), what country does this fellow live in?

This isn't anywhere in Belarus or Ukraine, close to Chernobyl, by any chance??


I just want to know how he put on that sweater.

Buddy Max

it is rare that anything on the interneet makes me feel ill anymore, that infamous image (and the others in that picture set, some of which are worse) only makes me laugh. but THIS did make me feel ill.

poor guy; not only is it difficult for him to pick up girls, but he cant even masturbate (jeez-- i hope this condition isn't prevalent on his. . . y'know.)

that papilloma virus idea sounds the most promising-- although that also brings up the possibilty that it's trasmittable. ouch.

Mark M

Search on the web for Lewandowsky-Lutz came up with this:
Its in spanish, but it does refer to "ENFERMEDAD DE
LEWANDOWSKY-LUTZ" with a picture of papules on the wrist
which is consistent with the description given in the
link on the WFMU page defining Lewandowsky-Lutz:

Since these two pictures look nothing alike, can't see how
it could in fact be L-L.

Mark Allen

Dave -

Those involved allowed me to share it only if I promised they could keep their anonymity and privacy - but I can tell you it is nowhere near the Chernobyl location.



poor guy. It must be real strange to have an 'unknown' and 'unique' condition. Plus it must be rather difficult to perform onanism.

Niels Olson

Hello, I'm a medical student and I've tossed this to a derm-wannabe in my class. It looks possible enough, and I've heard of a similar case, so I started the Wikipedia article. Can these photographs be submitted to Wikipedia under their GFDL license?


The spanish article linked above has an english version at:


God has a bad sense of humor


I have seen Shope papillomavirus in rabbits and goats. It looks exactly the same as the growths on this fellow. As the growths are the result of a viral infection only an ant-viral will work as treatment - antibiotics will have little to no effect. Has he ever been treated with an anti-viral (ie... Cidofovir)?


Looks a bit like the results of "Shopes Papillomavirus" in these rabbits.


Have you (or the missionary) considered contacting the Dermatology department at a prominent medical school? They would probably be sufficiently fascinated to see such a rare case as to perhaps give travel money for the man to visit or for a faculty dermatologist to visit him - and provide treatment. I know that in cases of very rare medical conditions (like fetus in fetu), the academic researchers/physicians are so eager to see a rare case that they'll send someone over.


I wonder if this poor fella has cholesteatoma, too (non-cancerous tumors in the ears).

Robert K

More than likely, my guess is this is genetic and is a mutation of his skin cells causing the growth of nails, basically, they are possibly a form of tumor, since it's an uncontrollable growth of cells which are not specific to the body. He probably needs x-rays to identify the layering of how thick and weather he still has blood vessels under all that growth. If so, it can possibly be fixed, he might have to have the skin on his hand removed and replaced with skin graphs, possibly the first of many times intentional burning will have to occur to destroy the afflicted cells.

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