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March 21, 2007



I feel your love and I'm glad I am in a position of spreading some audio visual gems from my part of the world.
"Premiere" ... Bah! :O

/Z aka mrdantefontana


Ugh, I have that Ninja Turtles concert tape, you would buy it directly at Pizza Hut. I even went to the concert! (Cut me some slack, I was five)

Steven Vitale

Any chance you can post the entire Keely album? The download link at Record Robot no longer works. Thanks so much.


Could you please post that Keely album as someone else requested? I had the same problem with the Record Robot link. Thanks!


My favorite musical finds on the big wide internet this week start with Keely Smith singing the Lennon & McCartney songbookVCP-310 exam
Instead of being just another 350-001 exam
Fab Four knock-off for a confused older generation, this is a truly great album of reinterpretations that turn the Beatles' songs into the classic lounge hits they always wanted to be. Way better than when McCartney tried a similar reinvention.640-802 exam

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