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March 13, 2007


70-647 exam

The Weld this Week

It was cool-blowing time for David Dimbleby on Panorama (BBC1). Drained of strength by a succession of all-night election specials, David was in no condition to make a smooth job of covering technical cock-ups.
EX0-101 exam

Obeying Finagle’s First Law of Engineering (which states that if anything can go wrong, it will) the cock-ups promptly occurred. David did a brief linking spiel into a film on Rhodesia. The film on Rhodesia rolled without sound. He tried again. This time the film on Rhodesia failed to roll at all. Temporarily abandoning the film on Rhodesia, David did a brief linking spiel into the other billed item, a film on the IMF. The film on the IMF failed to roll. The screen was occupied with nothing but David.

Here was his opportunity to tell us the story of his life. Here, at any rate, was his chance to do better than Sheridan Morley did when the same thing happened to him. (Sherry addressed the camera for ten solid minutes, saying nothing except ‘The film...has...broken down. We...are waiting.’) David’s 642-642 exam
phone rang. It said something to him that he didn’t want to hear. ‘Does that mean’, he asked incredulously, ‘that you don’t have film of either the IMF or Rhodesia ?’ He put the phone down and turned to the lens. The Panorama audience was at the other end of it, begging for a sign.642-524 exam

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