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March 07, 2007



I went to a party in Dallas a few years ago that was in the house that was used in the movie with some of the "bad band" people who were in the movie in attendance. A couple of them went on to form the Dallas psych band Lithium Christmas.


I vaguely remember reading the "book" based on this movie when I lived in the Philippines and didn't get a lot of "stateside" tv.


I played drums in Lithium X-Mas from '89-'96. We rehearsed at my house in east Dallas from '93-'96. After living there for a couple years I was talking to one of the neighborhood old-timers who told me that back in the late 70's a movie had been filmed at my house. When I asked the title of the movie I was told "Cotton Candy". I immediately called Mark Ridlen (bass player for Rapid Fire AND Lithium X-Mas). He dusted off his copy of Cotton Candy and we confirmed that my house was THE Cotton Candy house. So we scanned the Cotton Candy logo from his book referenced in the post above, made stickers and t-shirts, learned a couple of songs from the film and had a party while the film played over and over.

The house is still there at 2108 Annex Ave if any enterprising Dallas tour guides wish to add it to their route.


Once again, I just wonder how many bad rock-n-roll songs have been recorded over the years.

Thinking about that just makes my head spin.




I mean, I've made some really bad recordings but sheesh..



Enjoyed this post.

Daniel Ducey

Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of "Cotton Candy"?

Thank You,

Daniel Ducey


Daniel -- contact me at: lovefear at gmail dot com and i'll get you a dvd :)

Roger Cardillo

I've been playing in bands all of my life and I've gotta tell ya this movie's not that far off. You have to love this movie. No one's brave enough to make this stuff anymore. I'm still in love with Leslie King!

Jerry Teter

I love this movie! It was very influential on my life as a musician. I'm a sucker for these "Let's put on a show, kids!" movies.
I didn't realize that Ron Howard had directed it. I would like to find a copy of this in the $5 DVD bin at WALMART.
If anyone has a copy that they can get me...j r teter at yahoo.

evandro faria

plese i´m brazileiro como faço para baixar este ajudem

Ron Pierce

Really looking for a copy of this - have lots of unreleased concerts to trade. If anyone can hook me up, contact me @ [email protected]

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