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March 08, 2007


Brian C.

how come sonny B's never mentioned in the pantheon of dead rock stars?

Vic Perry

Ooh, I actually saw this in junior high school, in a science class!


Sad to say, but Sonny really looks like he's stoned in that video.

The Residents used a bit of it for one of their silly Timmy videos:
[YouTube Link]

Vic Perry

Wait, there's a LONGER Sonny Bono anti-drug film than this, wonder if that's up on you tube someplace? It's the longer one they showed in schools, it has crazy stuff in it like a guy looking in a mirror and seeing a werewolf...


The grammar in this ad is terrible. It makes me wonder if the writer of the narration was stoned too.


i have a 35mm print of the longer sonny bono anti-pot film, but no projector. i've been meaning to sell it on ebay, but i'm lazy.

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