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March 20, 2007



Priceless. Really, really priceless. Apparently, "hooooooo!" is the new punctuation "period". Youtube, per usual, has a trove of his escapades.

Eric B.

I love Hard Gay! Besides the cavalcade of clips on YouTube, you should check out tvinjapan.com and bakakage.net for more clips and background, etc. (My favorites are the Father's Day and magazine cover shoot clips.)

don k

I don't know about that clip. It's not even quite "internet" funny. Maybe if I spoke Japanese?


Hard Gay has kinda fallen from his year of fame. He's still on TV but not as much as before. The glorious thing about that clip is that they are eating natto which are fermented soybeans. They are slimy and sticky and I love them, but it's a common joke here in Japan to feed them to unsuspecting gaijin.

Cheese Snob Wendy

Just in time for the Black Party! Thanks Amanda, this is great.



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