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March 25, 2007


Doreen DeRenzo

I started reading the books-Whatever Became of.. at my local library, and then I received the last three series ninth to eleventh as a Christmas gift. I wish there was a website to these books.

Joe Dera

I always looked forward to Richard's next installment and tried to keep up with the passing of his subjects by marking the date on their respective deaths. Great source to discover what happened to minor, but memorable players in Hollywood, as well as faded stars. It inspired me as a writer and reported for a while in Nostalgia Illustrated as a result. Thanks Richard.

Travis Armstrongt

I rented an add on apartment from Richard in 1973, I still have the copper tea kettle I found in the kitchen garbage can we shared, I pulled it out and walked down the hill and bought copper polish and had it shining on the stove when he returned from some interview and he looked at it and said, "Where did you find that?" I answered, "Your garbage can." He then asked how I made it look like new and I disappointed the him with the discovery of copper polish, his mother was from Poland.

Travis Armstrongt

When Superman was our handy man, Richard are you still alive?


if i can post regarding a pin-up model of the past, i'd love to write a fan letter to Joyce Mandel. she once posed with "the Arnold" in the background with he staring downward at a wineglass he held carefully with both hands. ive sought her credits with mixed results. i dont see an enewsletter sign-up window here but that may be due to using a public computer and being rushed for time. if im not allowed to ask this, well, nevermind.

Steve Smith

Many old Richard Lamparski are available on the otrrlibrary


Chris Albertson

When Richard came to my office and proposed doing a series of radio interviews with has-beens, his selling point was that there's one born every minute. I didn't need persuasion, the idea was sufficiently unorthodox to merit consideration at WBAI, a station I managed. Richard was pleased to get my go-ahead, but he disappeared and, just as I found myself wondering whatever became of Richard Lamparski, he popped up again—a year later. He apologized and told me that he had been on a year's vacation on the island. "Which island?," I asked. "Rikers," he said. They had caught him selling "porn photos to Broadway celebrities. As far as I know, the celebrities continued to enjoy their freedom, but Richard was put away.

When they discovered his Hollywood background, they put him in charge of selecting films to be shown to his inmates. Typically, Richard came up with a repertoire of European art films—nothing you would ever find at the local Bijou. BTW, the photos that landed him on Rikers Island would not raise an eyebrow today.

Chris Albertson

P.S. Richard originally called the series "Whatever Happened To.." but the Baby Jane people threatened to sue, so he changed it.

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