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March 03, 2007


jed s.

seeing this made me remember that my friends and i used to love nothing more than watching "the great daryl nathan" entertainment show" out of grand rapids on cable access. to my great delight there are a handful of clips up on youtube.
( for starters.


This was one of my fave youtube postings. The enthusiasm is outstanding. I dont suppose theres any mp3 link is there?


The Honeybees thing is a joke about a gilligans island episode where the girls of Gilligans Island start a band called the honeybees.I think the Laverne and Shirley reference is due to the fact that Penny Pearse looks suspiciously like Penny Marshall. The other two gals look suspicioisly like bonnie pointer and chita rivera respectively.
But the name of the band is indeed The Penny Magic Show. I have been in contact with her grand daughter (its hard to do! Im tellin ya) and we are talkin about doin an update video/ interview so keep your eyes peeled, "you little boogars"!


This crosses the line for me, I've never been a big fan of celebrating/laughing at people with mental or emotional problems. Which puts me at odds with about 99% of WFMU listeners I reckon!
Good luck hounding this woman down and interviewing her for your fanzines & websites, I'm sure it'll be edifying.


Lighten up, Steve.
I've already interviewed this lady and she is not mentally or emotionally challenged. She knew exactly what she was doing on that show. You've got it wrong. An outsider artist doesnt have to be disabled or mentally ill in order to make art! The point of the whole song is that the mental health system in the usa sucks. She aint laffin at nobody - Penny is making a statement about life. Sure, its funny. but its also deadly effin serious. Thats why so many people relate to her video.
You should save your smug humanitarian attitude for dwarf tossing tournaments or something else more deserving. puh-leez.

Greg Arden

I have to second the idea that Steve might take an enormous chill pill and maybe get out of the computer screen and enjoy some sunshine. This song is social satire and for those people who have been part of the mental health game it speaks volumes. I laughed my ass off when I saw this video but it wasn't for derision. I felt a deep level of identification and representation seeing these three women going for it with their punk politics. Penny rules and there are lots of people who want to know more not so they can exploit her but so they can hear more of what she has to say!

Also when I showed the video to Alicia (the other half of Rush-N-Disco) and said I think we need to do a cover of this song, her response was "Penny is me ten years from now twenty years ago!" We both fell in love with her passion and the balls out performance style of all the women in the band.

I honestly can't tell from Steve's comment wether he has disdain for the band themselves or the people who want to give Penny props and respect by telling her story but either way he's a downer and might want to consider therapy.

Greg Arden

Salli Varney (Penny's Daughter)

This is my mom. She did have a hard time in therapy and wrote the song the "Shrink" to let people know that so called doctor's don't always know what they are doing. They are going to do a documentary on her and the "Penny Magic Show" She is Penny Pearce and has one child that is me. Salli and 4 grandchildren. She is fun and funny and very creative

Melonie Sewell

I was coming out of my local grocery store last winter on a very cold day when a woman standing outside stopped me and asked for a ride home. It was very cold, and after verifying with the people who worked at the store that it was indeed safe to give this woman a lift, I agreed. She said that she often walks to the store, but on this day it was entirely too cold to walk back home. As we drove, she told me that her name was Penny Pearce and that she had recently been featured on VH1 on their web show. She told me all about her band, The Magic Show, and that she had lived a very interesting life. She said she had been to Woodstock,(the original),lived in California, and even met the Queen. She also said that someone was considering making a documentary on her. She told me I could see the Shrink video on you tube which I went straight home and did. She also told me that she babysits her grandchildren for her daughter. I had some brownies in my car that I had baked and I gave them to her as I dropped her off. I have seen her several other times in around our grocery store, usually pushing a stroller. A very nice lady. She lives in Peachtree City, Georgia. MS

Salli Varney

Just and update: Penny and me her daughter and another good friend vocalist of ours Chelcie Laggis have been in the studio re recording this. We are also in the process of making a music video of the "Shrink". The song will be playing on several radio stations by the fall of 2008 so look to hear it. It is a song that should capture anyone who hears it. It makes a statement as all my mothers music does to make people aware. Stay tuned to hear more from the Penny Magic Show!!!!


Andrew Lipke

I love this woman...she is a genius.


someone stole my name.shirley's middle name was winifred and so is mine. a writer at the show thought that was a funny. and andrew,do you know a guitarist on vashon island,a band "subconconsious population" who's guitar is named shirley?


Like the above poster, I, too, met Penny by chance earlier this year. Not at the grocery store but at church. I was visiting a new church for the first time, and as soon as I walked in, Penny met me at the door with a big hug. Every Sunday since, I can always count on Penny for a hug and an "I love you" as soon as she seems me. What a sweet lady!

Jenny Jones

I love "The Shrink". I am starting a band and we want to cover that song, but we are having difficulty tracking down the guitar tab for it. If it's oK and someone out there has the guitar tab for it can you please please send it to me @ [email protected].

Jenny Jones


This song changed my life.


Do you know how I can get in touch w/ her/ her people?

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